"Madoka Magica, Revisited"

"Madoka Magica, Revisited"
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Ou chroniques du meilleur des mondes, où la novlangue fait rage, et où « pute » se dit maintenant  « femme libérée et autonome ».

En juillet dernier, une blogueuse (il me semble) avait fait un article sur sa vision de Puella Magi Madoka Magica, disant en substance qu »il s »agissait d »un anime sexiste. Bien évidemment, d »innombrables personnes ont assailli son blog afin de lui expliquer, avec plus ou moins de tact, qu »elle racontait n »importe quoi. Ça l »a rendue folle de rage, et elle a eu du mal a gérer les réactions. Je ne comptais pas en faire un article, mais elle n »a pas eu le courage de laisser son article en ligne, et je trouve ça un peu dommage.

L »article se trouvait à l »adresse http://matryoshkaa.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/madoka-magica-part-revisited/.

De ce que j »en vois, ce n »est qu »une victime comme une autre des nouveaux comportements amenés par la pop-culture décadente et la dégénérescence sociale engendrée par les modes de vie urbains, comme je disais précédemment. En effet, à la lecture de son blog, on s »aperçoit qu »elle adore Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt [Fiche Animeka] [Fiche ANN], qu »elle dit être un anime féministe, etc. Or, en substance Panty et Stocking ont un comportement à la Sex and the City/Desperate Housewives, à ceci près qu »elles sont jeunes et sexy. Disons que c »est des grosses poufs qu »elles sont très libertines, enfin surtout Panty. Je n »ai personnellement rien contre l »anime en lui-même, j »ai juste survolé les premiers épisodes, ça m »a suffit tellement c »est ennuyeux, en plus de l »usage malheureux d »un style graphique à l »occidentale…

Le texte original :

Okay, so my previous Madoka rant was poorly worded, and it wasn’t much of a rant at all. Eiether way, I’m retyping everything over again, since I have a entirely new perspective on Madoka and why it’s just a horrible, sexist anime.

To begin with, the plot. The basic plot is so ridden with cliches and over-done troupes that it’s kind of laughable. Basically, magical girls make a contract with this alien Satan thing called Kyubey for one wish, and turn into magical girls.  They fight witches and turn into witches for some… weird reason. Did I mention that the magical girls themselves are basically zombies?The plot is so full of shock filters that it gets really predictable in the end. So predictable that I predicted the ending. (Madoka becomes a God, which I hit the nail on that one.) I didn’t watch Madoka all the way through, my choice basically, but I somehow predicted the ending in the 5th episode! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that shock filters do not always work. In the end, Madoka felt like your average SyFy movie, shock filters and plot wise anyway.

Which brings me to one really crucial point. Madoka is incredibly sexist. Despite not showing boobs or panty shots, it’s still incredibly sexist. Using little girls as zombies basically? Sexist. Using real historical woman as another shock filter? Holy fuck is that sexist, and disrespectful. It’s like the writers gave up in the end, and shot themselves in the foot. Oh, and having the main character do absolutely nothing for most of the series? Not only is she exactly like Bella Swan, but that’s actually really sexist. Madoka doesn’t develop at all, character wise, and it’s almost like the writers copied her from Ils ont egalement une remarquable variete de jeux de table comme la roulette en ligne et les jeux europeens et americains vont adorer le poker et tables de blackjack. every other moe anime, plus Twilight. Also, please stop calling Madoka your ‘Goddess’. She is not a Goddess in any way, it’s incredibly insulting and stupid. She’s a fictional character, not a fucking God.

Almost every other character is sterotypical, like Madoka. Sayaka? She gave her life up for a boy, and yet another stupid girl fell in love with him. It was really disgusting to watch this happen. Kyoko? She was annoying, and a pity character. No idea why people ship Sayaka and Kyoko together, by the way.

Oh, Homura… she was selfish, and ironically she did not achieve her goal in the end. Again, crappy writers who gave up on the story in the end! I hated her backstory, she had potential to be the only likable character in the end, but they had to make her a shy, moe girl in the 10th episode. They had to.

Madoka is moe, on top of moe, add another layer of moe and you still won’t get what Madoka is. It’s not cute, it’s disgusting in a way. Little 14-15 year olds fighting for their lives, only to be turned into zombies? Disgusting. Pedophiles sure do love this anime I’ve noticed, I wonder why… anyway, I’ve seen some people in Madoka’s fandom claim that it isn’t moe. Do I need to point out K-ON? Or… basically ninety-five percent of anime nowadays?

Onto my biggest beef with Madoka yet. Fandom, please, please stop claiming that Madoka is original, and the first ‘dark magical shoujo evah!’

Revolutionary Girl Utena is dark, the least sexist anime I have ever seen, in fact in the end everyone needed some kind of help mentally. (Don’t even get me started with the movie. Just don’t.)  Did I mention the shocks are actual shocks, and Utena’s not predictable at all?

Sailor Moon’s dark, at times shocking, dead people stayed dead, and just… the final chapters of the manga? Did I mention that Sailor Moon saved the world before Madoka ever did?

Oh, plus dozens of other magical shoujos for the past 40 years? Seriously Madoka fandom, you’re so full of shit at times. Instead of watching ~*moe moe desu kawaii anime*~, try watching the anime I typed above. They’re classics, and deserve to be more appreciated than Madoka.

Oh, the animation… is absolute shit. Those wiiiiide faces do nothing during distance shots, which Madoka loves doing for whatever reason. Hell, even during key emotional scenes (what emotional scenes?!), and during transformation scenes the animation looks like crap. SHAFT has always failed with animation, but Madoka’s animation takes the cake for laziest animators yet. The Blu-Ray and DVD fix nothing from what I’ve seen, which is a huge rip-off. The animators just add Photoshop filters to make it look nice, but it’s still awful.

Consider this, Revolutionary Girl Utena was done with a low budget. It looks awesome for it’s age, since Utena was done back when cel-animation was still in. Flash forword almost 15 years later. Madoka was made on a high-budget, and done with computer-animation and out-sourced animators.

Which one’s animation is better? Utena, obviously.

So, that ends my long rant about Madoka.

Oh, and keep on truckin’ fandom.

EDIT: Okay, you guys are fucking idiotic, and I only prove my point even farther.

And, for the record, if you use the word ‘retard’ you make yourself look like a asshole. I actually have a learning disability, and I’ve been affected by the word in the past. Knock it off, grow the fuck up, and get over it. It’s just a series. Not something life changing.


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